The news of hacking of US presidential elections of 2016 by Russia came as a shock to the world. These claims are taking more ground as more and more officials are testifying to it like the FBI director two weeks ago. An expected approach after such claims was a hard line from US on Russia. However, against all odds, this isn’t the case seen nowadays.

This news shocked everyone because the mind boggling fact came up that the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has devised a plan to improve relations with Russia and also work with Russia over several international issues. Such international issues include Syrian war, defence programs, halting North Korea’s immense advancement in missiles and last but not the least: Cybersecurity. Shocking as it may seem, this Russia US cybersecurity coalition has raised questions in the minds of many as to what are the real objectives behind this sudden coalition plan.

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The US statesman said that he believes that a hard line from both superpowers is of no good for both. It increases the vulnerabilities of both the states for foreign exploitation so it is wiser to work through mutual cooperation and coalition.

The sudden coalition between the two following the hacking dilemma over cybersecurity and cyberespionage has raised particular questions due to the hard investigations that Donald Trump might face. Moreover, the moment of this revelation from US statesman is at a very abrupt time when Russia’s warnings to US of hostility are at its peak after the US reportedly shot down a Syrian warplane.

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A vague stature by Trump over Russian coalition further complicates this issue: on one side he refuses to comment anything negative about Putin or his government. On the other hand, he says that better relations with Russia might be good for US in its fights against ISIS and Middle East.

However, Tillerson’s efforts in trying to bridge the relations between the former Cold War enemies could really help in strengthening the roots of the US cybersecurity infrastructure and the Russia US cybersecurity coalition will prove helpful according to CIA director John Brennan who terms that US faces an “unprecedented range of threats” which could be reduced by working together with other states.

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