Ransomware and Ransom are a threat of the past now. This organization called the NMR (No More Ransom) group project has joined hands with the best in the business, introducing latest data decryption techniques.

It has become an emerging project on global scale to help out everyone by combating Ransomware. It was initially launched as a joint venture in cooperation with Europol, the Netherlands Police department, Intel Security and the famous Kaspersky Labs. NMR is an initiative which helps people being threatened by Ransomware activities i-e people whose data has been hijacked and isn’t being returned by cyber intruders unless a hefty ransom is paid. No Ransomware website gives golden knowledge to all computer users about how they can protect their private data from cybercrime. The web service also offers a range of free of cost data decryption tools to prevent attacks.

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In the past 4 months, more than ten thousand people have been given support with their Ransomware issues. They have been helped in decrypting their locked devices and restoring all data, all by the help of these free decryption tools.

According to cybercrime stats, most Ransomware acts happened to people from Russia, Netherlands, America, Italy and Germany. The best part is that you can access this web service in 14 different languages now, having 40 free of cost decryption tools. All these tools have been given in by a list of helping organizations to help users all over the world.

15 new ransomware available

This helpful project has recently been joined by more than 30 supporting organizations that include big names like Avast, CERT Polska, and Eleven Paths, which makes it pretty clear that the threat is a global problem and cannot be fought with alone.
In the past 4 months, 15 new tools to decrypt data have been added to the catalogue for your help and are available on the online portal, giving more options to the effected.

The new Ransomware available tools are:

AVAST: Alcatraz Decryptor, Bart Decryptor, Crypt888 Decryptor, HiddenTear Decryptor, Noobcrypt Decryptor and Cryptomix Decryptor

Bitdefender: Bart Decryptor CERT Polska: Cryptomix/Cryptoshield decryptor

CheckPoint: Merry X-Mas Decryptor and BarRax Decryptor

Eleven Paths: Telefonica Cyber Security Unit: Popcorn Decryptor.

Emsisoft: Crypton Decryptor and Damage Decryptor.
Kaspersky Lab: Updates on Rakhni and Rannoh Decryptors.

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