The event took place in Houston, Texas where a sophomore student studying in Memorial high school system was taken into custody by the concerned police department on the last day of March.

The accusation on this student was of intruding into the school’s database without permission and changing scoring or grades already set by instructors.

Hacking School Computer

The ISD police caught the student with the help of internet security department. The spring branch of ISD was given access to this case after the arrest was made. The department stated on the topic by saying:

“At this time, an ongoing investigation has found only one other underclassman paid the student to change their grades,”

A statement was also released by the officials of Memorial High School system:

A student at the sophomore level of education from the Memorial HS was taken into custody by the SBISD department of Police on 31/3/2017.

Hacked School Computer

The charge that has been made against him is of breach of computer security that can lead to a state jail sentence. He did this by utilizing a stolen password to his own advantage and intruding into the district’s info system.

All this was done by the student to change his own grades. It had been reported by other students that he offered to change their grades as well, and that too for free.

This is not the first incident where a student has been accused of hacking school computer. Security measures on internet activities need to be improvised in schools like these.

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