Google, having worked really hard to battle the giant that Windows used to be, has finally gathered well deserved reward and encouragement for its glorious work. After more than two and a half decades of ruling the tech world, Microsoft Windows’ number 1 spot has been snatched by none other than Android, a creation of Google.

Android was name the top operating system in terms of worldwide internet traffic flow and internet usage. The statistics were revealed by Stat-Counter, a renowned stat provider. The stats were calculated based upon collective usage on all platforms including desktop computers, laptops, tabs and mobile phones.

Android OS covered exactly 37.93% of the use of internet all over the globe in the month of March. While Microsoft Windows on the other hand, was used for 37.91% of internet activity. A minor difference of 0.02%.

android versus windows

The “Android more popular than Windows” saga has been upon us for longer than we have realized. The lead Android has taken is referred to as an important milestone in the world of technology by many experts.

It was completely inevitable due to the increased usage of mobile phones in the past years. According to a stat from Stat-Counter, mobile phone devices are connected to the internet more frequently than other platforms and that also by a fair margin. People can be seen using different mobile apps all along the day, anywhere you go.

The market share comparison however, still shows the hold Windows once held in all of the industry. Microsoft Windows has a 39.5% control over internet usage related market shares while Android owns only 25.7% of the total in North American area.

android more popular operating system

The stats in Europe are 51.7% to 29.2% similarly. Android takes the most of its lead from Asian countries like India, Indonesia and China, where its usage is 79%, 72% and 57% respectively.

The Stat-Counter CEO had his say on the matter:

“Windows won the desktop war, but the battlefield moved on,” Cullen noted. “It will be difficult for Microsoft to make inroads in mobile, but the next paradigm shift might give it the opportunity to regain dominance. That could be in Augmented Reality, AI, Voice or Continuum.”

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