From the reports we have received, a social network application which has been found to be viral among teenagers suffered a malicious hacking attack.

social app hacked

According to motherboard, a reliable IT reporter, more than a couple million email ids got stolen and users were not able to access them anymore. Similar is the case with phone numbers. The stolen data was later found publicly available on the internet.
Before shedding light on details about this social app wishbone hacked issue, let me tell you that the app was rated in the world’s top 10 most used social media applications when it comes to iPhone users in USA (stats are provided by App Annie).

What the app does is that it allows all of its users to give a vote for on reality based questions like KFC or McDonalds, short shirts or long tees, or which one of the Kardashians they like most. Once a user votes for an option, they can view which option each one of them voted.

wishbone app was hacked

It has been mentioned that these hackers utilized the path of a third party API to get into people’s cell phones and extract data which included private information like their credentials or date of birth.

The owner and creator of Wishbone app, Science Inc. explained to official from Motherboard that the security lapse this application had has been fixed and tested. They also apologized to all users in these words:
“We value your privacy and deeply regret that this incident occurred. Maintaining the integrity of your personal information is extremely important to us. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this incident may have caused you. We are continuing to investigate this matter and have taken and will continue to take appropriate action to prevent future similar incidents. Please be assured that we will keep you informed of any developments in the investigation that may be of importance to you.”

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