The details state how some unknown hacking source intruded into the system of an electronic billboard operating on view from one of the busiest junctions in the area. Once the intruders got control over what the Billboard is going to show, they decided to put 18+ adult content on display coming straight from a famous NSFW video provider named, Xvideos.

Electronic Billboard Hack

In this story of a giant electronic billboard hack, the people driving or walking on any of the junction’s roads were found to be highly attracted and surprised by seeing such images in a public place. This billboard was owned by a private advertising company based in the area named Grupo Carteleras.

The company clarified the issue on their official Twitter account in which they stated that the billboard’s server had been hacked by unknown sources around noon’s time and also made an apology for an inconveniences caused to the people of surrounding areas.

Electronic Billboard Hacked

Many motorists and drivers also seemed to have quite a lot of fun during the time 18+ content played on repeat. The event was also found trending on Facebook and Twitter by the people passing by.

The clips which were displayed included a woman enjoying the effects of a vibrating tool on her private parts and certain other similar videos. One particular thing in this giant electronic billboard hack was the presence of a TeamViewer notification tab on the side which clearly meant the videos have been streamed from the Hacker’s computer to the billboard.

The Billboard’s owners were given notifications regarding the event and forced to improve their security measures so that a similar event may not happen in the coming times because broadcasting such content publically is a federal offence.

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