The first version of these outputs was referred as the Vault 7 by WikiLeaks. The complete series of its Year Zero edition shall be released in the coming months. It has been kept highly confidential as it contains secrets of one of the most sensitive intelligence organizations in the world.

The Vault 7 contains a complete total of 8761 different documentations having highly sensitive information about how these hacking equipment was created by CIA to breach into public profiles and devices.

everything about Wikileaks CIA LeakThe Wikileaks CIA leak has information about how CIA portrays its image is a decent and powerfully operating organization to protect the masses while on the other hand the same CIA intrudes into their personal data every single day to keep a check on their activities. Nothing from your Apple products to computers is safe considering the situation. The official statement by CIA on the matter states:

This statement made the masses wonder about how WhatsApp and other apps claim to have very strong end to end encryption procedures for the protection of our data. The statements makes it clear that these encryptions can, somehow be broken by organizations like CIA.

If we get into detail, a point will come when you’ll understand that the faulty end isn’t application end encryption, it’ something more important. The CIA is equipped with specially developed tools to allow them a “Bypass” across the security procedure and encryption walls created by the application developers.

Wikileaks CIA Leaks

The wikileaks CIA leak also sheds light on how the secret services are granted complete control over your mobile devices in no time. The documents do not contains details on any of these applications, by name, specifically. However, thousands of devices have been reported to be controlled completely by some remote entity having full access over the device.

This dump of information about CIA provided by the WikiLeaks also has valuable info on how the secret agencies can get into our regular softwares like Windows and MacOs. The firewalls cannot be referred as incompetent.

However, these organizations have code patterns which can easily penetrate into systems having high security as well. The CIA can also overcome any proxy server or VPN you might be using so you need understand how big it is.

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