Sony has been hacked again. This time, the company’s Twitter account was accessed by hackers who then posted that Britney Spears had died.

The Twitter account of Sony Music posted tweets on Monday in different posts that included “RIP @britneyspears 1981-2016,” and Britney Spears is dead by accident! We will tell you more soon #RIPBritney.”

At around the same time, the Twitter account belonging to Bob Dylan had a post the went: “Rest in peace @brinteneyspears.’ The tweets were later deleted.

Sony Twitter Account HackedBritney Spears representative told CNN that the death reports were false.

“I think Sony’s account has been hacked,” said Britney’s manager, Adam Leber.

“Up to now, I have not talked to anyone to confirm anything but I am quite sure it was hacked. Spears is well and there is nothing wrong with her. We have had a few similar claims on the internet about her death but at no time was this from Sony’s Twitter account.’

Sony admitted having been hacked on Monday afternoon.

sony music hacked

“The problem has now been sorted out,” said the firm in an official comment on the incident. “We apologize for the confusion this has brought to Spears and her fans.”

The global media company has been under attack in the recent past, the most serious hack being the 2014 incident on Sony Picture Entertainment. The perpetrators were a group that called themselves ‘the Guardians of Peace.

This came as retaliation for a movie that involved a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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