As the results have revealed that Trump is the elected president of the United States, it is only normal for people to try and determine what exactly went wrong at Clinton’s campaign end.

It would be wrong to attribute Clinton’s loss to one single thing. But on the other hand, the role played by hackers cannot be ignored.

The effects of the actions of whistleblowers and hackers in this political showdown was a major factor. The leaks meant that Hilary’s team was always defending themselves instead of selling.

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The most serious blow against Clinton’s campaign was the revelation that she used a private email server to send and receive classified emails when she was secretary of State.

The other mortal wound was dealt by the leaks by WikiLeaks who released emails exchanged between top DNC leaders, who were seen to have been undermining Bernie Sander’s campaign at the time of the primary campaigns.

A series of hearings and unending FBI investigations plus rumors of cover-up operations, server wipes and admissions of a very risky use of technology, all made it difficult for Hilary Clinton to pull through.

For the most part, the election results have solidified the impact of hacktivists and whistleblowers including Anonymous, Guccifer, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden. Collectively, these have been influential in the exposition of the flaws of the United States.

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In an interview with RT, Jon Gaunt who hosts, said about the events of Tuesday, that they were a revolution.

“I view it as a revolution, and I completely support it,” he said. Because, as Donald Trump has been saying, the swamp has to be drained now. The game of politics is filled with old timers who have had more of their personal interests on their minds. Hilary is the best example of such.”

“Right now, Donald is at the helm of matters, and we can only hope his strong ideas will give this nation all the things the leaders of the past 40 years could not.”

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