Over 412 million login credentials used to access the adult hook-up sites FriendFinder Neworks may have been breached by hackers. That is according to information on a site that spreads information about data breaches.

The online company that is based in Campbell California, operates a number of sites that focus on adult sexual connection. The largest breach came from, whose purpose is to allow adults to find sexual partners, whether for actual sex or just sex chats.

Site User Details

Other breaches involved over 7 million users from the site, while iCams and had 1.1 million and 1.4 million respectively.

The login details that were stolen included names, passwords as well as email addresses for site members.

LeakedSource, once in possession of leaked data makes the information searchable on its website. However, in this case, the website has decided to withhold the information for now.

“After much discussion and thought, we have decided to keep the information from the public in the meantime.”

Representatives from Friendfinder Networks Inc. said to Reuters and The Wall Street Journal that it was in the process of investigating any possible security loopholes, and that it was sending notifications to its members on how they can protect themselves.”

account Hacked

A blog posted by LeakedSource on Sunday shows that the site was attacked in October 2016, resulting in a compromise of 20 years’ worth of information.

If these numbers reflect the actual hack, then this will be the second largest data breach after the Yahoo incident in September.

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