“We have no clue who was responsible for that,” Said President Barack Obama when he was featured on “Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night.

Security specialist have concluded that the attack was carried out by infecting hundreds of thousands of electronic devices such as webcams, DVRs, etc., then using them to sabotage big websites like Twitter, and Netflix.

The hackers heavily disturbed connections by attacking a major pillar of the internet with overwhelming traffic to the extent that websites fail to perform normally. This method is called a denial of service attack.

obama cyberattack The target victim was Dyn, a company located in the US whose main purpose is to makes sure people are led to the correct sites whenever they enter a url.

For this reason, many people could not access popular websites including Twitter and Netflix on Friday in different areas of the US and Europe.

The Federal Bureau of investigations said it was looking into the matter, considering all possible culprits. Similar promises were recorded from the Home Office the UK which said the issue will thoroughly be pursued.

So far, no hacking group has come out to claim responsibility and looking the president’s’ remarks indicates that there has not been much development towards the goal of identification of the people behind the hack.

One director at Dyn, the company that is at the Centre of the attack, Doug Maory said in an interview: “There is no possibility of knowing at this time as it is too soon.”

hackers cyberattackThese hacking tactics used on Friday have been seen to be strikingly similar to the one used by the attackers of Brian’s website, a cyber researcher, and Flashpoint, a French communication firm. The attacks have however not been confirmed to be related.”

Dos attacks are in themselves nothing new. However, researchers have acknowledged that they have of late become complicated and frequent.

The attack from Friday shows just how easy it can be to disturb the framework of the internet using such bombardments. It also demonstrates how everyday items can become serious online weapons.

The fact of the matter is that we are closely linked now. One of the main tasks of the next leader, the next one and the next, is to ensure that we reap all the advantages of the web while making sure that the safety of our lives, finances, and property is not compromised.

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