The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has said the country was not behind any of the hacking activity that has hit the United States of late. President Putin has instead claimed that the accusations are an attempt to move the people’s attention from the subject of the leaks.

“All people are discussing who is responsible for the hack. But that doesn’t really matter. It is the content of the leaks that people should focus on,” said Putin during an economic forum that took place on Moscow.

putin responsability for hacks“Russia has nothing to gain from these leaks, continued President Putin, “All this is a mere attempt to divert the attention of the American people from the data the hackers have posted.”

The United States on Friday released a statement in which they directed all the blame on Putin for the leaks of emails and a string of cyber hacks. They said the purpose of the hacks was to disturb the US elections.

The statements that were made by the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence represented the United States first direct statement in which they have accused Russia in public.

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There were also conformations that all the scans and probes that have been performed on the US electoral system have been identified as having originated from Russia, although there is no confirmation that this is coming from the Russian Government.

Both the Kremlin and Putin himself have distanced themselves from these activities.

He also said there wasn’t any dialogue going on between the two countries.

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