There has been another hack of a high profile CEO’s social media account. This time, the hackers directed their efforts towards John Hanke the CEO of Niantic, the company that developed today’s most talked-about game, Pokemon Go.

For now, it appears as if John is so occupied with his game that he hasn’t done anything about the hack. 12 hours after his account was breached, the hackers tweets continue to be displayed on his account. It is not clear whether he is not aware or just isn’t paying attention to the breach.

The hacker group, Our Mine, has said they are responsible for the attack. They were spotted after they posted tweets back to back on John’s profile.

Pokemon Go Hackers

Just recently, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai was among the victims of Our Mine, a Saudi Arabian hack group which attacked his social media accounts

Our Mine posted tweets on John’s Hanke’s Twitter account through his Quora account which they hacked earlier. According to one of the Twitter posts made by the group, the hack was done for Brazil where Pokemon Go remains unreleased.

Pokemon Go is now one the most loved games in the world. People are having fun trying to catch all the Pokemon.

The game, which has not been released in some countries, is a location-based software which merges reality with the virtual world. It allows people to virtually catch Pokemon in real world locations using their smartphone cameras.

In another tweet, the hackers stated that John’s password was ‘nopass’. The purpose of the hacks, according to Our Mine, was to show people the importance of cyber security.


The group offers support for its victims, and sometimes charges as much as $5000 for a check up of their social media accounts, site security loopholes, and other areas of security.

This chain of hacks on high-profile social media accounts can be traced back to the recent hacks into LinkedIn, MySpace, and Tumblr. This due to the exposure of about 1 billion log in details.

People have been advised to make new passwords for their social media accounts and any online accounts. This Is particularly important f you use the same password for all websites.

Also try to use a solid password manager which you can use to come up with tough-to-crack passwords and access them easily. Here is a list of some good password managers.

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