By now, chances are, you have heard about the new game that has taken iPhone and Android users by storm, Pokémon Go.

To deliver its enchanting magic, Pokémon Go makes use of GPS, your phone’s camera, and position sensors to decide what to show you, thus making it seem like there are little creatures right in your bedroom, lawn, or in the park.

These are called pocket monsters and your goal is to catch them. In order for you to be able to catch them, you need to have Pokeballs which you can get for free.

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There is also a business side to the frenzy as businesses can purchase what are called Pokémon Lures, which can be looked at as advertising. These will make the Pokémons appear on the business premises and will attract people as they try to catch them.

It’s the best example of the digital world merging with the real world, and people are mad in love with it.

By all indications, it will be the most successful app of all time and is headed to surpass Twitter in terms of daily users. So far, 6 percent of all android users have installed the game.

However, the app is not without controversy. The problem lies in its need for data for it to operate.

Concerns have come up about what kind of information the app is accessing, and how the developer is using the information.

There was talk about the game accessing your Google account as you sign in. This gives it the ability not only to browse, through, but also to alter every bit of information in your Google Account.

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The game cannot access your passwords and any payment details, but it can go through your emails and see your search history, etc.

Niantic, the company that developed Pokémon Go, stated that the requirement to gain access to Google Accounts was a mistake and game updates won’t have the problem.

However, questions still linger as to why many users allowed the app to get to their Google Accounts.

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