Facebook has said it for a while barred access to the files leaked by Wikileaks that contain internal Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails.

This appears to be an accidental algorithmic action where the links were wrongly identified as spam.

The Chief of Security at Facebook says the problem had now been rectified upon receiving serious criticism from Wikileaks.

The is not the first incident of its kind. Facebook has for a number of times blocked people from accessing high-profile news incidents.

Facebook blocked DNC emails

Just at the start of the month, Facebook blocked the video of Philando Castile dying, drenched in blood just a minute after being shot by a policeman.

Before that, the social media giant admitted having removed a meme that talked about Brock Turner, a convicted rapist from Stanford.

Facebook aims to be a reliable source of news but their algorithms keep blocking links to big news events “by accident”.

Furthermore, the website’s bar that shows trending news has been criticized for appearing to be the work of human curators as opposed to algorithms as the company claims.

DNC emails

So far, Facebook has not made any further comments about the story apart from a statement from a representative where he said: “Just like most systems, our anti-spam mechanism for a while blocked links to the DNC documents. However, this error was rectified on Saturday.”

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