Twitter has fallen victim to a serious cyber-attack just a month after the previous mega-hacks. But this is not an everyday hack; the perpetrators managed to get the IDs of over 32 million Twitter users.

Such reports usually emerge from the dark web. However, this time, the news is making rounds on authentic websites where there are even offering to remove the login credentials of the victims at no cost.

TechCrunch says the data has been confirmed to have been from 32 million hacked Twitter accounts.

One unusual thing about the hack and the reports is that they are both coming from a website that allows ordinary people to download the much leaked information, but also allows you to delete your details from the data pool.


Among all the involved websites, LeakedSource is the one capitalising on the hack the most.

The website carried the report in a post where it stated that it got a copy of the leaked Twitter login credentials from an email address named [email protected]

According to LeakedSource, the Twitter login details are being traded without restrictions on the underground forums of the dark web.

Hackers Twitter

A further report was released which indicated that over 32, 888, 300 records with personal details like emails, login names, and passwords have been exposed.

If you have an account with Twitter, quickly go to the LeakedSource site and have your details erased without any charge.

Twitter itself has not made mention of the leak. However, there was some contact between the social media platform and LeakedSource to investigate the issue.



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