Sony has revealed a range of new games that users will able to play in virtual reality using the PS4 console.

Part of the group of games unveiled were the New Star Wars and Resident Evil. The announcements were made at the Los Angeles E3 video games trade show.

Other games that were unveiled in virtual reality for the first time to the public were Batman, Call of Duty, and Final Fantasy.

To play the game, users will have to purchase the PlayStation virtual reality headset which will cost them $399 or 280 Pounds after its planned October 13th release.

The gaming experience players will be able to get will be so realistic some may not be able to handle it, stated game industry analyst Lewis Ward.

He tested the sci-fi game Farpoint in PS VR after the press conference. “It is very engaging and it made me sweat”, he added.

star wars PlayStation VR

Mr Ward went on to say that the new games will appeal to many fans but the chosen titles could be a little over the top. The first VR games need to have little motion in them to prevent motion sickness.

Speaking in an interview, Sony representatives reaffirmed that there are plans to put a better PS4 console called Project Neo on the market. This game system will be able to pump out 4K graphics.

Things were not all 3D, though. Gamers will be able to get their hands on the highly anticipated adventure game called the Last Guardian which was announced for the first time back in the year 2009.

It will be made available on the market on the 25th of October, 2016. There was, however, no mention of the game ‘No Man’s Sky’, which is another piece people are looking forward to.

The new VR product is by no means the only one on the market, neither is it the best.

However, Sony’s offer will be the first one of its kind made available to the average consumer at an affordable price.

resident evil PlayStation VR

Earlier, when the first PS consoles were put out on the market, the games would have moments of high tension and suspense when doors would creak and open slowly.

This gave the gamer a certain thrill but also allowed the system to load the data for the room being entered.

For the Resident Evil Virtual Reality game for PS4, players will only have a narrow view that will be lit by a narrow torch ray. This will make it easy for the console to render the graphics.

The majority of the games are not full titles but come in single missions.

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