The list of the most powerful machines on earth recently got some shaking when China manufactured a supercomputer that has trumped all other computers on the list.

The monster, dubbed the 93 petaflops Sunway TaihuLight, is currently stationed at China’s National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi.

When fully dedicated to a task, the computer can do 93,000 trillion calculations every second.

The computer is two times faster and three times more efficient than the last top super machine, the Tianhe-3, which was also created in China. This information was released on Monday by Top500.

There are a number of tasks the machine can handle; among them are manufacturing, weather predictions, and analysis of mega data. This is according to a paper written by Jack Dongarra concerning the new machine.

supercomputer china

It contains over 10 and a half million processing cores, all made in China. It also has 40960 nodes and uses Linux software for its operating system.

From the time the list compilation began, this is the first time that China has beaten the USA with super computers numbering 167 making it in the top 500. The United States has 165 so far.

“Looking at the fact the just a mere 10 years ago China only had 28 machines on the top 500 list and zero of those making it in the top 30, the country has shown outstretched and fast development as far as supercomputing goes,” said Top500.

The United States currently boasts four supercomputers on the Top500 list. China only has two and they are the ones that have taken the top two slots.

The other places in the top 10 have been claimed by computers from Germany, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and t.

Most Powerful Computer Ever“I am a computer scientist and I can say it is extremely hard to come up with software that can make use of a huge number of computing cores,” stated Professor Les Carr of Southampton University.

“That’s the reason you won’t find supercomputers being used in general computing tasks. They are always limited to specific operations”.

“They can be likened to an extremely high-performance Grand Prix racing car – it is a great racing machine when used on circuits, but try to use it to move from London to Edinburgh and you’ll have problems,” added Professor Carr.



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