The Orlando shooting incident has not been without news from the cyber world.

Just after the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the catastrophic Orlando shooting incident where a gay bar was attacked leaving over 50 people dead, Anonymous felt it appropriate to launch a cyber-attack on the Islamic State.

@WauchulaGhost of Anonymous breached the Twitter accounts of IS sympathiser in the hundreds and plastered messages of rainbow flags and other pro-gay material through them.

The hacker used the hacked accounts to post tweets like, “I am proud of being gay”, and #OrlandoWillBeRemembered”.

He also added some links to sites that contain gay porn to top it all off.

Some of the posts themselves had depictions of moderate gay sexual acts including men kissing without shirts and fooling around in the bedroom – basically the type of things that get on the nerves of terrorist groups.

The hacked accounts simply went through a total transformation.

Some had their avatars changed with one bearing a photo that read, “I am a Proud Gay”, one other tweet read, “I LOVE PORN”, and another said, “NOT WAR BUT LOVE”.

The hacker, who decided not to reveal himself, spoke to Newsweek and said, “I only did this for all those lives we lost in Orlando”.

Daesh have been touting themselves online for the barbaric assault on innocent lives, so I decided to do something for the ones we lost. We will not condone the killing of innocents.

He stayed away from anything serious, though, because he was trying to be careful not to upset good Muslims through his actions.

“What we are doing is only for these Jihadist extremists”. A good number of our fellow hackers belong to the Muslim faith and we will not disrespect any religion that honours the lives of innocent humans.

In another interview, Ghost stated that he knew he had a purpose to fulfil.

a”My daily dream is to get out of bed in the morning and read messages from Daesh with death threats through beheadings and such methods. But that only works to fuel my assault against them.

The hactivist had compromised hundreds of Twitter accounts. What Ghost hopes to achieve with his hack that has allowed him to post porn on social media is to upset terror groups that have a strict approach towards sexuality, until they are forced to get off social media.

“I don’t think the government has been doing enough on the social media front”, Ghost added.
“We always see photos of beheadings all over and we know kids are being exposed to such when they shouldn’t be.”

Video Source: Reuterscoment logo hackers




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