Anonymous, the famous group of internet hacktivists, has successfully launched a cyber-attack against the website of the notorious white supremacist group, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

The attack, which left the KKK website shut down, was carried out by a wing of Anonymous known as Anonymous Ghost Squad. This online assault is just one in a series of attacks the group has unleashed against the KKK.

In 2015, the KKK was once again the target of an attack by Anonymous in which personal member information was leaked to the public. The leak included the names, Facebook IDs and Google+ profiles of the exposed members.

This particular attack was a part of a year-long campaign against the white supremacists dubbed Operation KKK. The hacktivists were reacting to the racial unrest caused by the KKK against the people that were protesting the shooting to death of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

In 2015, the KKK’s website was hit by Anonymous with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). The attack was a response to the KKK’s harassment of a woman on Twitter.

This latest DDoS attack on the KKK by the hacktivists appears to be the most crippling so far. Although the attack took place on the 23rd of April, the website was still unreachable by April 26th. The complete grounding of their website is believed to have left the KKK in disarray.

kkk anonymous

According to information gathered so far, Anonymous launched the crippling attack against the KKK in retaliation against their racist ideology and actions, which they conveniently wrap in freedom of speech.

The online hacktivists say they will no longer give the KKK any more wiggle room and promised more of such attacks against the racist group. According to one member of Anonymous who chose not to be named for obvious reasons, the current attack shows that the hackers will not give the KKK an easy time like they did in the past.

The committed Anonymous member stated, “The reason we launched this attack against the KKK was because of our hackers being up in their face. Although free speech is an idea we support, we’ve found their beliefs evil and unacceptable.

As a group, we stand for constitutional rights but the KKK only want to see whites on earth. That is something we cannot allow and so we attacked their main website. This is a sign of our love for the boots on the ground and our fight against all forms of corruption. Even though we are definitely not fascist, we strongly disagree with the KKK movement.”

Social media has been taken by storm by the attack. Some major media outlets, including the Telegraph, have also followed the story and report that it will likely take a number of days for the KKK’s website to recover.

Many social media users thanked Anonymous for their courageous attack against the KKK. There have been several calls on social media for Anonymous to constantly hit the racists group until its unacceptable efforts are completely frustrated.

As a movement, the KKK has been in existence since 1854. Although the group has maintained its support for extremist ideas like white supremacy and anti-immigration, it has become less violent over the years.



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