New in hacking world, An Anti-secrecy and transparency organization known as Wiki Leaks revealed to have contents related to CIA Director John Brennan’s personal AOL email account.

The contents of mail will soon be available online as told by Julian Assange founder of WikiLeaks.

The entire hack was carried by a high school student who told that he hacked the email account and got the top secret data.

The data also had a spreadsheet filled with details like social security numbers and phone numbers of government intelligence officials with their email address.

The hack has not been confirmed by central intelligence Agency but the investigation is still going on.

The Anonymous hacker got inspired by opposition to American Foreign policy in particular to Israel Palestine conflict as per the revelations made.

The organization has used various intelligence related projects by AOL account for various projects and to support this wiki leaks published various documents that they belong to John Brenna’s private email account CIA files

The documents have six documents that have different accounts belonging to Mr. Brennan that has:-

  • A form that was provided to Brennan’s during his confirmation for background investigation.
  • A security clearance application that has personal information of various federal employees.
  • A 2007 draft on security challenges
  • Papers on Iran and intelligence community. .




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