Alphabet is now official and it is based upon the fact that it is led by strong leaders and independent module. The idea of Alphabet is about the combining all the synergies under one roof as ideated by founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

ALPHABET would soon be available by the end of closing of business on october2, 2015 as per revelations made by Google Investor’s Blog.

Now ALPHABET would be sole owner and Google would be a subsidiary of the same owning all of the outstanding capital stock of Google.

The GOOG and GOOGL ticker symbol was used in the stock on NASDAQ which are kept same even after the merger.

This creates Google Class C capital stock and shares of Google Class A Common stock being introduced as Alphabet class C capital stock and Alphabet class A common stock.

The new board of list would comprises of

Larry Page as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sergey Brin as the President

Eric E. Schmidt as the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors

Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google

Further, a noticeable change seen will be, this time the company releases its Q4 financial results in January, i.e. it will report earnings for two different components of Alphabet:

Larry Page’s Alphabet

Sundar Pichai’s Google

Alphabet includes:

Calico (life-extension biotech research)

Nest (smart home products)

Fiber (high-speed Internet service)

Ventures (early-stage investing)

Capital (growth-stage investing)

The major thing at the Google is the stockholders of Google will not face gain or loss for the United States Federal income Tax purposes upon the exchange of their shares in the Alphabet Merger.



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