Have you ever witnessed your phone making different calls send text messages and internet browsing without your permission and authentication?

It might be possible that a hacker hacked your phone and using your phone in fact your personal assistant Siri or may be Google Now.

This is the latest hack in the market that give permission to hackers through which they can make calls, send text browse infected sites and other activities that are harmful for your android and IOS device. The most amazing is use of google now or Siri without even uttering a word, they will be able to use it as per researched by Internet Researchers.

NSSI’s group of researchers who belong to French government have revealed that hacker can control any android or IOS device remotely  by sending radio commands from 16 feet distance.

Know how this Hack works lets unveil the secret.

The very basic and foremost important thing required is the IPhone or Android phone must have headphones plugged in with a radio transmitter.

The radio waves are used for this hack and the waves initiate voice commands on any iPhone and Android phone that has a microphone enabled headphones plugged in.

Headphones are the one who help in transmitting radio as the headphones has radio antennas. The headphones are treated as radio antennas and can be exploited by hackers that can lead to user’s permission.

This will enable a hacker to use your entire phone without even talking to the user of phone. The permission list includes

Making calls

Send text messages

Dial hacker’s number turn on the phone’s eavesdropping device.

Browsing of malware websites

Phishing and spam messages using social channels

One can send some electromagnetic waves that can call a paid number and get cash.

The hack only needs:

  • A headphone-linked iPhone or Android phone
  • Siri enabled from the lock screen as a Apple’s Default setting.

A more influential hack that ranges to more than 16 feet requires larger batteries and could only fit inside a car, the researchers say.




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