In a hack that took place at Ashley Madison data, revealed hundreds of emails that belong of state government officials. These emails were used by these officials to cheat on their spouses.

These people are from every part of the federal bureaucracy like Federal employees from White House, congressional staff, and federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security.

Federal Bureaucracy employees from various departments like State, Defense, justice, energy, treasury, Transportation and Homeland Security were among those who enjoyed being a part of this adultery network. Some bureaucrats even worked with pentagon.

The data got reveled because these officials used their official email address. The more data got reveled when the transaction details were out with hackers.

Things would have gone unnoticed but an email address tracked by an AP in which an investigator by profession and he confessed his membership on site. Ashton Carter who is Defense Secretary has announced to start investigating about all those people who have their account at this website.

ashley madison privacy policy


This could be an offense under Military court of justice.  This hack has revealed that federal workers have inclination towards using fake email addresses with alias name like soontobesingle, Latinlovers to attract opposite sex towards them.

Those federal bureaucrats who were wise enough to not to make transaction at site and use their prepaid card to hide their identities have though they have been lucky , but even they are caught red handed as they  have used their office computers to log in to Ashley Madison website.

There are total 6788 email addresses that can are from domain and 1655 emails from depicting the number of employees using this AM website. The situation gets worse for those officials who work at sensitive positions as this AM users gets the geo enabled location of the users logged I which can reveal their exact location.

The Military veteran and Management & Budget official Jim Tozzi has asked about this act from people involved with AM, What injury is done to the government?” Later he expressed his concern over cyber security and vulnerabilities of Federal systems that data got easily hacked.

He also said Americans deserve better than keeping an overpaid federal employees who use overpriced and less secured government computers to visit AM.  The biggest question is, they ever thought of anyone using this data to blackmail them.

How Obama Administration let these Chinese hackers walk away such a crucial data of employees even with those who applied for security clearances which is really sad. The rest they are doing is at high positions is spending time on Adultery websites.



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