Recently a ten year old girl bank account got hacked, this was not the ordinary account as this girl from Massachusetts was raising funds for toys and other utilities for sick children. The ten year old with benevolence in her heart was devastated when she got to know about the hack.

She mentioned her efforts and this hack would not keep them down and she will continue to raise funds nevertheless. Her name is Noelle Gregoire , she is one brave girl who have managed to raise funds for the sick children even when she herself is suffering from rarest of ailments known as dysplastic spondylolisthesis.

This is a degenerative spinal condition where a patient undergoes a difficult therapy to treat this ailment. Initially the patient feels a little tingle later this pain becomes worse and hurt her a lot as told by Noelle.

Noelle explains her conditions, it is like having a broken arm every single day, expect it is in your legs and back.

Noelle can only swim; swimming is the only physical activity that doesn’t hurt her. She thought of raising a charity for sick children when she was herself suffering from such serious problem. She took her mother’s help to raise funds and to manage them.


Noelle always finds different kind of peace whenever she visits toy closet, this has inspired her to start with “laps for Backs” , she swam for more than one mile across New Hampshire lake to raise funds and donate them for sick children.

The entire fund raising took place through a page called GoFundMe , the entire fund is supposed to provide Tufts to children before it got robbed by hackers. The entire funds got transferred to some other account with leaving just 7 dollars in it. Noelle’s mom told to a leading newspaper that Noelle is very upset and was completely into pieces after she got to know about the hack.

Noelle but den decided to be brave and she will continue with her initiative of raising funds for sick children. The Noelle’s family is planning to go in details of the hack and filing a case against fraud protection. Noelle’s mother called her a defeat less child and praised her spirit of continuing with things.




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