One of the distinguish marks of Apple system is that they can “talk” with each other. It’s easy, there are no obstacles and the user, rarely, faces some kind of problem. However, the same thing doesn’t happen when we try to connect an Android device with a Mac, for instance. That means to try to make a connection between systems with different languages, which is not possible, or wasn’t till now.

A  new driver, called HoRNDIS, make this connection possible. Let’s see how it works:

HoRNDIS is a driver developed for OS X. It gives support from OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard till 10.10 Yosemite. It uses a Mirosof protocol, the RNDIS, wich is the only original holder protocol for Android. Once installed in your Mac the driver allows that the Android device hold a conccetion, by USB cable, with Mac, allowing Androi to, for example, suplly internet to Mac.

First step:

Downlod HoRNDIS in your Mac. You won’t have a problem with your Mac computer doing this.

install horndis

Second step:

After setp one, you will have to restart your Mac. This procedure is important to OS X, when it starts, load the driver.

Third step:

Connect your Android device to your Mac, using a USB cable. After that you will have to activate the option Share by USB wich can be found on Definitions, wirelees net and others, share interent. Inside the folder there is the option share by USB.

Fourth step:

Assure yourself that the Mac wireless is off and the Android in on.

Fifth step:

To be sure that is all properly done go to the panel of net selections of Mac. There you must see, in green, the Android device. As the image shows:

android network mac


This is the way to make sure that this resource is functioning properly. That kind of connection has an advantage because, compared to other kind of connection, there is a first class hold to your firmware phone. This means that, when we use the connection between Android and Mac, instead of using wife, we use a faster and stable line.

We have tested and it works!




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