A wave of happiness and cheer went through across globe when US passed the law to legalize same sex marriage. This news has increased the happiness moments across the globe.

Now all gay couples will be treated equally like other clients. Social media platforms turned into rainbow colors, # celebrate pride created a lot of buzz among people and now they have supported this law and they are happy which is showcased by their colorful display pictures.

Technology giants like Google also revealed its happiness as the search results for gay marriage will display the results with rainbow colors.

Facebook as a social media platform has took more personalized path to connect with people and make them a part of community.

Facebook started celebrate pride which will turn the display pictures into rainbow colors, a lot of people has changed their display pictures turning news feed into color palate showcasing colors of happiness and support.

Data scientist have used this earlier to know user’s voting pattern and behavior, now it’s very easy to look for people who are a part of supports and who are not.

Spokesperson commented about Facebook is actually monitoring and observing people who have used this filter and recording it. Facebook has approved of this comment. This beautiful filter is developed by two Facebook inters who participated in hackathon recently.

Facebook is also tracking the profiles who are used this feature and adding it to their database. Research papers revealed, Facebook is taking care of every minutest detail of what is happening at social media.

There is no harm in supporting such issues and be a part of any community , it is about our every activity gets noticed by Facebook for our good.

facebook colorful hack



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