hacked team

No one can skip being hacked once is targeted same has happened with hacking team which is a powerful company that deals in making of  surveillance equipments and supply it to government and different enforcement agencies. The hacking team got hacked which led to 400GB data leaked online.

A torrent file got published which has 400GB files which is said to have all the files consisting of internal files, source code,and email conversations which are quite embarrassing. There were many clients whose  data were leaked but DEA (America’s Drug Enforcement Authority) is one prominent face among the clients of Hacking Team .

Initially hacking company denies their transactions with government in the dealings of tools and equipments whereas the mail revealed the truth, government got supplied with tools. This company is also involved with companies and gets good business from opposition countries like Sudan, saudi ArabiaAnd Bahrain.

This is not the end of list , Hacking team is also in providing surveillance tools to counties like morocco and Ethiopia. Hacking team were behind the malicious scripts in Microsofts live services and You Tube.

The unidentified group of hackers have replaced the logo of hacking team with hacked team on Twitter to make it public about the leaked data.hacking team is an inspiration for many , this team took birth when two Italian programmers together devised a program called Ettercap which got popular as it is used to spy on people.

List of client countries

Australia,Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, Germany

Luxemburg, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, United States, Russia, Poland,

Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Cyprus, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Thailand, Kazakhstan

Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Australia, Czech Republic, Hungary

Italy, Spain, Bahrain, Oman,Saudi Arabia, UAE, Mongolia



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