Recent times have set a true example of growing hacker’s power in internet industry. A considerable security breach took place at very famous Hacking team which is known for providing surveillance equipment to government and their enforcement agencies.

The breach leaked many confidential documents which analysts are studying to provide new revelations every day. Recent disclosures revealed that FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) conversed to Hacking Team about unmasking target that uses Tor.

An FBI agent had a word with Hacker Team who is supposed to be a part of exclusive cybercrime unit as per revelations made by a mail on September 2014. Agent also inquired about the RCS system, Remote control system capable of unveiling the IP address of a Tor-using Target.

FBI Agent penned down

In version 8, IP address of targets using Tor could be revealed as per one of the engineers. Then he enquired about feasibility of same with the latest version 8. Then he asked for alternative if it does not conquer Tor on the Box.

The conversations are attention-grabbing as it revealed such conversations; these conversations are part of emails put on Wiki Leaks. FBI agents wanted users to go through a file download process which later infects their system with some malicious virus. Then possible process could be like attaching a pdf or documents with a scout which is part of Hacking Team’s Spyware.

In another conversation with Hacking Team staff, one of the staff members mentioned that if any user access Tor Browser Bundle then their IP address can be easily revealed. Different and more secure ways are there to connect to the Tor network without the Tor browser and most of the people would know that.

Email conversations failed to reveal anything about target and anything else about end result of this entire conversation. This also provided some information about Hacking team of providing advices to its customers as well beyond serving to government and enforcement agencies as per Motherboard write up.

Tor Honeypot : Revealing True identity of Tor Users

FBI commented that they does not comment on specific tools , with time they identify, evaluated and test potential exploits for strengthening Cyber security  when enquired about this leak, In the next conversation the same FBI agents showed interest in more tools. Since 2011 hacking team has grossed about $773,000 from the FBI.




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