Indian user’s Facebook accounts are plagued by explicit content and pornographic links to their friends and on their newsfeeds. A Kilim family is after the virus strain that has affected social media sites as per Cybersecurity experts in Agra.

A social media user explain her encounter with malicious malware , she told that the message appeared with watch urgent because it is your video and the moment she tried to open the link then very soon her inbox got filled with pornographic spam as told by Nitin Kasana of Agra Police.

Security professionals told that this original message has abbreviated URL link which is when clicked gets to as an amazon lookalike service page. The page is nothing but a malicious site which is used as a bait to gain the access to platform used by cyber victim like desktop, mobile website or any other path of different machine by hackers.

If it is mobile website then page will land to other different affiliate pages that would present many offers to you whereas desktop users will receive a downloadable file from a folder that stores malware as per Kasana.

face hack

The malware is a collection of various pornographic videos which got downloaded and comes in system through Facebook worm through chrome extension or other binaries. In last week the message was send through various Facebook friends’ accounts as they allure to get clicked by users.

One of the victims Atul Verma has told her plight of being hacked as he has to make several calls to make people understand his account has been hacked and requested them not to open files containing those alluring messages and links.

It is suggested by Cyber experts that all those who are affected by this spam ware to change their credentials to be used for social media and other internet platforms and to get rid of unnecessary Facebook applications.




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