New secure has indicated a new security flaw in Samsung handsets that can make 600 Million of handsets vulnerable to security hacks which are man in the middle hacks.

Earlier also Samsung security flaws were in news , the time when Samsung had that smart tv encryption problems which were mainly due to poor security systems andĀ  absence of strong encryption practices which must be there for security.

Now the Samsung has got into trouble because of its own launched keyboard called swift key . The developers are sure about the bug presence in other versions whereas their own version is quite safe as per Samsung.

How this hack has happened ?

swift key has an update process which runs in a background which makes users unable to see the update process . It provides access to root servers and the process is so that it let go all the security checks and safeguards which may prevent such process to take place.

A negligible amount of file checking has been done till this step.the update process gets checked on a zip file and can easily pass it.

The entire process is performed in a plain text which makes it quite easier for any hackerĀ  to perform man in the middle attack. This infected file can perform various activities like it can monitor camera , microphone , access messages and install applications through this hack. Most of the Galaxy s5 or s6 owners are prone to this attack as the swift key can be uninstalled .

The company has actually fixed the bug in swift key but no one carries that fix as it is not included till date which makes a lot of Samsung devices sensitive towards MitM attack.

Samsung has failed to keep a check on their own standards and quality . Sooner in this scenario Internet of things will fall on the ground miserably where dumb devices like mobile phones will be hacked easily and data being stolen from them.

If you are using Samsung Galaxy s6 or s5 you can either root the device to remove this swift key board or install another software called cyanogen to stop hackers gain access to your smart phones.



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