National security Agency has reengineered their labs for the known security firm Kaspersky lab as revealed by latest documents and Edward snowden. NSA and its British counterpart were also the part of this activity.

The activity took place because the U.S. and British agencies were tracking the records of users through intruding into these networks .

As per the documents and other information revealed by snowden, this security software products were reengineered under the legal authority.after changing this they are keeping their eyes open for users network and email traffic.

There were many other security companies as well who got attacked but Russian based Kaspersky is making the newsagent this company is a leading security solution provider and deals in corporate security solutions with more than 270000 clients.

Kaspersky hacking


The Kaspersky  has a large network as it claims to safeguard 400 million people around the world. The activity of reverse engineering or SRE is used to fix the security issues and to gauge the communications of Kaspersky network with users to pick up the flaws or weak security points.

Kaspersky is a major target for many hacker groups as this mainly safeguard users from inbound threats. The companies who intercept and the antivirus companies do have a strange relationship with each other like a cat- mouse. If the anti-virus has weakness then spy agencies can easily take advantage of it and use it.

The motives behind such acts of hacking security labs explained by warrant which says that Kaspersky continues to pose a challenge  to GCHQ’s CNE . If you need to safeguard software from exploitation then labs needs to be reengineered and SRE becomes essential.

SRE makes it easy to identify such intrusion activities and help in protecting the entire network.

Kaspersky labs are worried about as government organizations also keeping a check on their users record whereas they should be more concerned about legitimate adversaries.

Kaspersky has told that they have always worked very hard to keep their users safe from security breaches. They will keep their users safe from all levels of security breaches from nation sponsored cyber espionage as well as cyber criminals.




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