Ghost security has revealed its aim to destroy ISIS propaganda from net to slow down their hiring process. Ghost security is among those hackers who are associated with Anonymous and are helping him to fight against Islamic state on Digital front lines.

Since its birth Ghost Security has turned down 500 websites which supports IS. This activist group has a rigid organizational structure instead of loosely knit. It does have ranking roles and profiles like special operations and a quick force for responding to situations every moment past their activities.

Ghost security has a structure which looks just like a military unit wherein the members of group are designated for different roles like for Knowledge gathering, Organizers, Logistics and one for digital weapons that are statements that are published online on the behalf of Anonymous or ghost security.

Well known online hackers who have marked their names in gold for online exploitation and crime is a part of Anonymous. There are many who are politically inclined. For example in past PayPal refused to fund donations to Whistleblowers WikiLeaks then hackers shut down the websites by applying DOS thus providing a lot of website traffic to PayPal that leads to shut down. Ghost security has actively chased and started a battle against terrorist element through their operations like #OpISIS. In 2014 August , US government tried to eliminate IS’s presence over internet and then only Anonymous announced #OpISIS which lacked support from other activist group.


A professor from Montreal McGill University as surrounded herself with Anonymous to research on book Hacker, Hoaxer, Whislteblower, Spy: Many faces of Anonymous. On 11 January after few days in Paris Ghost security’s Digital shadow who is a ranking operations member has announced the aim for assault on IS.

Charlie Hebdo was after Anonymous popularity and visibility. Censorship for Anonymous has become the mode of earning for Anonymous. The author of the book Coleman described that anyone who even does have any kind of similarity can be a part of Anonymous can be a part of it as it is an open name.

Since beginning Ghost Security received negative comments and criticism against their actions but Ghost security constantly explained their reasons of why they are doing this in video press releases and statements.

They showcased their activities against IS though These Unforgivable Crimes. Anonymous has put a great show against IS’s digital presence specially its online recruiting through social media.

WauchulaGhost, a senior ranking “special operations” figure, revealed the use of Automation services for data base is used. They verify every single hunter and they keep an eye on content tweeted and behavior patterns of Islamic state sympathizers.

Once they extract critical information they take the websites for shut down , recent sites are highly protected through Cloud Flare as told by Wauchala Ghost.

They also cross check the websites to eliminate potential threat before attack.IS has used their successful cyber strategy to flourish online and they are supported by a lot of people.



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