A video got published by none other than famous Anonymous (The famous hacking group) about Canadian law and what will be response of anonymous if the bill got passed.

Various websites of Canadian government got hacked by Anonymous as the part of revenge for Anti-terrorism law, the much awaited Bill c51 which got passed by Canada’s Lawmakers.

Anonymous have admitted their involvement in bringing government sites and servers down and they are accountable for those cyber-attacks against bill C51. as well as other Canadian security intelligence service websites was among those who got attacked by Anonymous.

They have attacked their email services and internet accessibility and they are not working properly now. The government is looking out for ways to restore its website services.

The attacked got confirmed and made public by Tony Clement (heads Canadian Treasury Board) on twitter.

B- C-51 is an Anti-Terrorism Act 2015. This law deals with increasing power of federal agencies to raise their information sharing and investigation. This would expand CSIS functionality and give them more rights and power. Canadian Government is working on solutions for strengthening its cyber security.

Public safety minister Steven Blaney has criticized cyber-attacks and told reporters there are other alternatives as well to open up about their views which are safe and better.

Anonymous has told about various aspects which Canadian government should look for while passing such laws.





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