The old tool bar  that you can look for in your computer’s browser can be a great threat to your personal computer’s as it can put a question mark on your amount of search. This is revealed by Microsoft Malware protection center site in the starting of this week.

It also says that users may get a list of various toolbars  by software vendors to allure users to install them by saying that they are common add on for Google chrome, Internet explorer or firefox. But in long run they will add nothing instead of clutter in your browser. None of the add on toolbars are productive enough till date.

The earlier versions of Ask toolbar is nothing but a malware affecting systems as per Microsoft . They also said that Redmond will delete such toolbars as soon as they encounter it.

Microsoft has advised that the previous versions of ask toolbar can limit your search and disable or modify the search result or search modifier which is a great threat to PC’s.

What it does to your system is it creates tons of files and folders when installed in your personal computer or desktop and can edit or modify your rights to control your browser’s settings which can be corrected by Microsoft anti malware and anti virus software for Pc security. Today ask has .26 percent of global reach and Ask cones through updates on your system. Whereas Ask told that they are in adherence to Microsoft policies and users should update their versions to the latest.

microsoft tool bar



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