China held responsible for hack on federal employees at the start of this year as told by Michael Mc Caul chairman of Homeland Security Committee.

Approximate 4 million current as well as former Federal employees’ data got leaked in a computer breach which is assumed to be just a beginning of further attacks in future. Mc Caul expressed “I believe, in my judgement, all the threat indicators point to china” at CBS’s Face the Nation to its host John Dickerson.

U.S. Office of Personnel Management told that they were aware of this data breach in month of April. White House announced that information like personally identifiable information and social security numbers were accessed by hackers.

In U.S. history this data breach is most significant as it must be supported by some other nation and is done for spying as justified by the procedure of data breach.

hackers leak

There is possibility that this security breach is completed by the same Chinese hackers who were responsible for breach at Anthem Insurance database. Around 80 million social security numbers got exposed in that hack.

Cybersecurity experts informed government about the hack to be a part of Chinese contingency plan to create a vast database to get prepared against Future attacks against U.S.

This personal information can be used to prepare them for many future attacks. U.S officials may get blackmailed or exposed by China if they exposed their security clearance details.





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