British users got charged for rides they dint even booked or make. US authorities are investigating into this matter as Uber cab application is hacked.

The minicab services says they found no such confirmation from users about such security breach and they always charge according to the distance travelled  whereas a number of UK users revealed, transactions  withdrawn for such phantom trips by cab service provider.

Recently a TV presenter tweeted regarding this hack on her account  another user reported that he woke up in the morning and saw he had taken $260 ride in a limousine in California whereas he was sleeping in London . He got no notification until he unlocked his phone to check.

Speculation which follows this news is maybe the credentials and details were sold on Dark web, which is the darkest part of internet where number of sites remains hidden from people and are involved in cybercrime. If anyone purchases account they can travel or book for rides no matter who is paying for them.

This issue is getting political as well, London mayor has put a check on number of licenses issued to Uber cab drivers, he may reduce them in future.

Uber has 14000 drivers in London that makes Uber the largest hirer of the city. UK is not far from number, it has millions of registration of cab users.

In response of this serious issue , Uber told that they will make sure they provide unique passwords and username for riders safety and it once it get confirmed and notified to the US authorities they will thoroughly investigate this security breach. Those who were charged for a trip they dint booked or made will be refunded.

Jo Bertram has suggested that new innovations should not hamper growth. It should always head towards people protection, their safety, their budget.

 uber hacked



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