How would you feel like if your fantasy world of Harry Potter is comes live in front of your eyes. Harry Porter reminds you of Marauder’s Map which used to tell whereabouts of Characters as they roam in classrooms and in corridors of Hogwarts School.

You can find Marauder’s Map live and installed in your systems in a form of chrome Extension, The extension is developed by a Student.

What does this Extension for you?

This extension lets you watch each and every step of your friends on Facebook as they fetch their location and data from messenger and plot them according to their location on map. You know about the Facebook location feature on Facebook but still in doubt about the accuracy and easiness of data extracting.

facebook hack track

Facebook always promote their Users to use location sharing and enable their location while active on messenger when users install IOS and Android version of Facebook.

For displaying location Maraunder’s Map gets loaded and location is tracked from the messages sent over messenger as developed by Aran Khanna.

For further clarification on tracking location, this extension will map your location only when you have conversations that are location enabled with your Facebook friends.

The location revelations is not your fault, Facebook has enabled this location sharing feature you might or might not sharing your location with others. Location information can be easily used by Facebook users as they can easily track as they click through the chat option.

To safe your vulnerable location information then keep your location disabled and location data private. You can keep your location settings private by tapping arrow icon present on messenger. Or if you can’t do anything disable Messenger’s access to your location from your general settings.




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