Open alpha has innovated a lot in private conversations.Now private Messaging app brings out something new by adding Whisper messages.

In past many applications came, some got breached or patched most of these applications left users feeling violated and in a way chNged their online presence. There has been a lot of conversations regarding privacy,data collection and cost of technology that bridges the gap between people. The cost should not be your own personal identity.

Now the latest version of Beep does not requires your personal details , you can go ahead with private conversations by choosing a alias name . Once you create your beep profile you will get. Bleep key and generated. You can like pictures , post on Twitter , forums and can verify using York email account which is optional.

With mobile numbers stored in devices , your friends will get to know that you uses bleep account which requires no personal details.

Beep logo defines the privacy maintained as the logo represents a folded note. Folded note depicts that message is passed directly from one hand to other. The encryption keys for the pictures you sent is saved in your local device not on cloud.

If they are not on servers that hackers have no access to those encrypted images. This is also called server less peer to peer messaging, this feature also gives a unique ability of downloading message offline to online.

whisper bleep

One new trend is launched by Bleep which is whisper messages that lets you Send message or pictures through your phone and will disapper in 25seconds once they are viewed.

For Mac systems press ctrl+shift while entering does the same for your pictures sent online.

Whisper is a mode so you can easily switch back to normal mode , not to lose anything with bleep.

One more thing to ensure privacy and safety is when you send whisper messages and the sender is able to capture image of that message , the nickname gets blurred and if you forget to put a nickname then tap on eye to display nickname but the conversations will get blurred.

You can add your friends to your network through device’s address book, email,mobile number or your bleep key.

Share your bleep code by tapping on + , bleep code.

Bleep is available on iOS and androids, it is also in Mac and Windows desktop.

One can start bleep to bleep call with tapping phone icon at the top of conversations. Even calls are direct and are not on cloud provided with end to end encryption.




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