Recent coverage of the app Moviebox  has been widely spread around the technological world. The question is whether it is illegal or not?

First we need to look at what Moviebox is. It allows you to watch the latest movies, TV shows and music videos on your device from any location with internet access.

When looking on the apps website it states that you can install Movie Box to your Apple device with no trouble, and it will function properly. It also states there is no need to jailbreak your device in order to do so as it is compatible with IOS.8 .


So is it legal to do so?

It is available to download from the Apple App Store for £2.29. However, it doesn’t have the same description there as that seen on the website. It states it is only used for showing movie trailers, browsing photos and looking up celebrities, directors and other crew members.  The reviews also only give it a one star. So why isn’t the full version on the Apple App Store? It probably means that it is illegal as Apple has guidelines on which apps should follow if they are to be able to be downloaded on their site.

Due to it not being available on the app store and only available through other web sites means that you probably do have to Jailbreak your device, in order to download it and to enable its full functionality.

By doing further research on websites like, many websites do offer a work around for you to download MovieBox, via However you need to jailbreak your phone in order to do so. Therefore, due to you having to go against Apple Guidelines to install MovieBox, it means that it is illegal to download this app.

Even though this app looks legit and has an official website, it does not mean it is legal. Free streaming and the toughness to get the app should be enough to ring alarm bells in any of our heads.

Other websites and apps such as Netflix do allow you to have a subscription for free but only for a limited time. Most offer around a 14 day free trial, but then you have to pay for subscription. This is one way to tell if the site is legit. Movie box does not offer this as it is constantly free.

Even though it is very unlikely that the Police will come knocking on your door, people should be aware that by paying to watch movies or TV shows, even music videos, you are paying for the makers behind the film/show.  But looking at this topic raises the question as who is breaking the rules?

Is it illegal for the people who pirated the movies and just them, or are you offending as well due to the fact you have watched the movie or TV show. Many argue that it is in fact the act of piracy that is illegal and just watching it is fine so Movie Box is not illegal. This is because if it was illegal then more people would be getting a warnings from police for watching movies, when in fact the police have better things to do with their time.

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