Another bug in IOS history that can crash an Apple device is something that is threating Apple users these days. This message contains special characters. They are experts in attacking Macs. OS X is unable to process the same string and grouping of characters.

They are popularly known as glyphs. The threating combination looks like combination Of ASCII and Unicode based characters.

How does that bugs works?

This bug works as the Arabic text causes iPhones with various versions of IOS crash the moment it runs on the phone.

Many iPhones users busted with anger on Twitter as their devices are next to vegetable, the moment they got crashed due to that Arabic message which is nothing but a bug.

text sms crash ipnone

Apple  is looking forward to investigate the matter meanwhile users can keep them protected from such a nuisance bug by following a series of steps to safeguard their devices.

  • Go to general settings
  • Press notification
  • Follow messages in notifications
  • Go to Show preview and turn it off.

This series of steps will unable that bug to run through your device system as it is received via online. This series of steps can only safeguard you. It cannot stop people from making such scary bugs to crash idevices. According to Reddit thread, the same threat can be poised by WhatsApp. The attack got complete when the harmful file got paste at the Mac terminal as revealed by Twitter Handle Hacker Fantastic.

More to this Hacker Fantastic has tweeted that bug resides in the operating system and processes Unicode glyphs and cause string to be present in memory location. When the banner couldn’t display text as it could not read the Unicode, it leads to the Crashing of OS.

Apple will soon release a patch to fix this up. If this bug remains in system then this can cause DOS  (Denial of Service) and can be used to exploit code executed attacks which are more harmful than this.



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