What happens to you when you realize the one you are searching in your friend list has deleted you from their friend list long time ago. You feel sad and heart broken.

Facebook never notifies user when anyone from their friends delete them from their friend List.

Facebook does so to help users about not feeling guilty , for some being thrown out of friend list means a lot as they are too curious to know about who has unfriended them.

Your Facebook friends have access to most of your profile content and they are the one who keep users profile active by liking and promoting their post.

Once your friends unfriend you , you can bit see their post and they can even choose to keep you blocked so that you cant see their basic profile information.

There are Facebook hacks that lets user get notified when any of their friends unfriend him or her.

Hacks like unfriend notify me is a chrome extension that works well. When any of your friend tries to unfriend you it send you quick notification.

There comes a chrome extension known as – click here -» unfriend notify for Facebook just like silver lining in disguise.

They let you see the list of people who have deleted them from their account.


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