You always have checked your emails on your smart phone, what will happen if it gets thousands of spam emails and flood your inbox.

Many Android users are putting their private information at risk as their mobile devices are locked by some ransomware. This ransomware is looking for extorting money from users as it ask for $ 500 to restore access or unlock user phone. The payment mode is either via Money Pak or Pay Pal.

Over 15000 spam emails have been detected by Bitdefender which consist of zipped files located in servers present in Ukraine. The malware is posed as if it some Adobe Player Update , it gets download in a form of player and when you press click the it runs for a while and then display a fake message .

The moment users press ok, it displays a FBI warning which doesn’t get off screen and user gets stuck to it. The device home screen delivers alarming fake messages that threats people as they have used some Pornographic websites with fake browser history to make compelling message.

Bitdefender has found this threat of malware as Android Trojan.SLocker.DZ.

This malware is most prevalent in the entire malware family as the creator always comes up with new versions. They originate from different domains like. edu ,.com,.org and .net domain servers.

Till date there are few who got affected by such ransomware , whenever user gets infected with such ransomware even the small stain of infection can stop encryption of files and make device home and screen buttons nonfunctional even your device is rebooted several times.

adobe flash android
The users can regain their access and control over device if their devices are ADB enabled as it can uninstall the ransomware programmatically.  If user’s mobile supports it then they can also start their devices in safeboot option. Safeboot option loads minimum configuration of device thus preventing malware from accessing your device which can help you with time to uninstall ransomware which got installed as Adobe flash player.

More to this , If ransomware scare you much then you can use these five useful tips to keep your phone safe from Ransomware .

  1. Whenever you install applications, always look for their source. If their source is third party then don’t trust them easily. Put your phone on default state and prevent it from auto update so that Ransomware could not make it through update.
  2. Back up your data often so that you can reinstall or factory reset if required.
  3. Always stay protected, buy a anti-malware solution to protect your device and scans it through daily and stay updated on your device security.
  4. Follow safe internet rules like always look for safe browsing, incognito mode, download links and attachments from trustworthy sources only.
  5. Use a filter to reduce the number of emails flooding your email.




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