UBER Accounts hacked and sell for only one dollar

UBER has become popular for getting a taxi, private car or any other vehicle for the worldwide move by a simple mobile application. Though, the head-quarter of UBER is in San Francisco, California, but the service is spread over fifty-five countries and more than two hundred cities.

It has become more popular both to riders and drivers for a convenient move around the city. Day by day the users and the popularity is increasing of UBER for its easy service. With the increasing fame, it has attracted the hacker attention. Unfortunately, it is now prey to the hacker and its fame is in a danger now.


The very lowest rate 1USD is enough now to get an activated UBER account to enjoy the facilities to move around the city free of cost. Two vendors on AlphaBay are responsible for this terrible hacking. They are selling the active accounts along with the username and password for only $1!!! All information about payment is provided on a file to the purchaser.

Another breaking news is that, the purchaser can also get some extra information with an active account. Such as partial credit card data, email address, trip history, phone number, home and office location etc.

They are selling the accounts over AlphaBay market by giving some attractive and grabbing title like “n UBER ACCOUNT – WORLDWIDE TAXI, anyone can buy a UBER account anonymously.” Another hacker is giving the same offer in $5 with lifetime validity period and the discount offer in case of the bulk purchase. They have included it on their product list with such appealing title. One of the two hackers has said that, they have sold more than hundred UBER accounts to different buyers.

But news to be worried is that, even now it is not clear about their stolen source. Till now it is sure that, UBER security system is hacked or the worst that can be, the UBER authority has compromised with the hackers. Surprisingly, UBER has denied about the hacking and they have declared that, no evidence is found in the investigation and they have reported it to the low authority.
UBER advised about careful sharing and login to the users. UBER said to avoid same login from on multiple online sites and recommended the users to give unique and strong password to their account for security purpose. UBER also advised, not to re-use the same username and password to multiple sites.



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