Recently torrent sites for free movies have come under fire by the UK government. Recently the top torrent site for streaming and downloading movies has been shut down, called Popcorn time. Popcorn time is also nicknamed ‘the Netflix of piracy’. Many people know it is illegal to stream to your IPhone but they still continue.

This way of watching content seems to be becoming less popular, as most sites that can be used to download and stream movies directly to your IPhone, IPad or other devices are being shut down by law enforcers. These enforcers are requesting internet providers run by BT, EE, Virgin, Sky and Talk Talk, to restrict access to such sites. These include the applications used to stream to Apple devices.

Further sites include, and others.  Supporters of these websites have argued that it is not illegal to stream to their devices as they are not the ones who pirated the films or TV shows, so they should be allowed to carry on streaming.

Forces against streaming to Apple devices however have stated that it is unfair on those who work on the films, like the directors, editors and actors.

Even so, the High Court cannot stamp out such websites and streaming completely, as these websites are not the only ones out there and so if people wish to get around the court orders, they can quite easily whether it is illegal or not. There are also many different websites for the same brand, like Popcorn Time, so whenever one website is shut down, another pops up in its place for streamers to use. Even experts are finding it hard to shut down these websites, as Popcorn has had numerous shutdowns, but yet still survives under new guises.

torrent movies

Hollywood producers and Actors are outraged due to the loss of revenue, because of streaming directly to peoples phones anywhere.  Millions of pounds and dollars are lost due to streaming, but could this be a wakeup call to film producers to lower prices of DVDs and other items so that more people view it on their devices legally.

It seems that fans of streaming just prefer to watch their films anywhere rather than being restricted to a CD. It gives them the freedom that DVDs do not offer. You can be on a train or even on a mountain as long as there is signal and watch your favourite movies. It shows that you just can’t beat streaming compared to DVDs.

Many websites are offering Apple device users various ways to download torrent films, even without jailbreaking. This is still illegal but there have been recent ways to get around this with your IPhone.

Therefore overall, torrent movies are a large part of the Apple community, whether you stream or not, Apple have a lot to do in order to solve the issue.