A mobile phone is a small device used to manage our work and personal life. Thus it is no less than our personal database, as well as a practical way of storing confidential office documents.

Mobile phones have provided us with powerful and convenient tools. However, we are afraid of losing our personal information and important professional data to the web.

Thus mobile phones come with a basket of features to ensure safety and to limit access to authorized people only. Phone Lock is one of those security features.

After unlocking phones through pin lock, passwords, biometrics, face recognition, thumbprints, technology is moving towards voice recognition. Google is working on their idea for phone security through voice recognition.

Android 5.0 users will be elated to know this feature will soon come to their handsets. Google has launched this voice recognition concept as “TRUSTED VOICE”. Currently android users are using smart lock that works on unlocking phones through a trusted network of devices, places and people. It will soon be added by trusted voice.

Trusted Voice

Trusted voice will be activated when a user says “OK Google”. It will compare your voice command to the one synchronized in the database. If both match, your phone will be unlocked.  It is yet to be defined where Google will be saving the voice samples of each user. They may use each Android device or Cloud, or both.

Biometrics also uses this voice recognition feature to support identification of your access and authority.

The loophole in this feature could be the existence of a similar voice which may unlock your phone. This is the biggest challenge in this entire scheme. Somebody who can ape your voice can be the culprit for stealing data out of your phone.

The moment a user enables this feature a pop up will warn him/her against security and voice Similarity feature.

Over the years FBI has collected samples of people’s voices and created a database out of it. FBI suggested voice recognition as a great tool to authenticate a person’s identity.

FBI partners in law enforcement and intelligence communities can further use it to solve murder mysteries.

Google has not disclosed their roadmap but Android users will see it rolling out soon.



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