More than 12,000 worldwide computers are infected by the issue to allow some hackers for stealing bank information along with other confidential data of victim. Law enforcement agencies of U.S. and Europe have closed a highly sophisticated part of a botnet for this incidence.


Three agencies of law enforcement, European Union, United States and United Kingdom  have conducted a combined operation to escape from the botnet in globe, which is always used for operating the worst Beebone botnet, which another name is AAEH.


Let’s come to the point, what is a Botnet?

Generally, a botnet is a robot of hackers, which does all the malicious works, on behalf of hacker’s direction.

It is a special network of a huge number of devices like computer, all are in a compromising state with envious software. The hackers control by hackers and it have no knowledge about the victim.

The infamous hackers and the Cyber attackers have started to use the Botnets as a weapon in cyber world. They have used the high range of hacking skills and doing  a number of crimes, for example, DDoS attacks, cyber espionage, mass spamming, mining bitcoins, manipulation on advertising revenue, surveillance etc.

The new news about Beebone Botnet

Beebone botnet is a kind of downloader software, which can install other malicious software, on victim’s device without their compliance. So that it can also update automatically, avoiding antivirus detection.

In a day, Beebone botnet updates itself minimum 19 times, which have made the malware something different threat from the all existing botnets.

The US-CERT (US Computer Emergency Response Team) said about the infected machines, “Distribute malicious software, harvest users’ credentials for online services, including banking services, and extort money from users by encrypting key files and then demanding payment in order to return the data to a readable state“.

Already, Beebone has infected more than 12,000 computers, which seems a little number comparing to the other millions of computer botnet infections in the past, across the world.

But many more is coming.  It is estimated that, more than five Million Beebone botnet unique samples in the wild, with probable 205,000 samples is taken from an amount of 23,000 computers, in between 2013 – 2014.

But, what is to be happy that, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is currently working with the U.S. law enforcement agencies and EC3 (Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre, to fight with Beebone.





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