Many of us loss our phones at different places. The bad issue to lose the phone is to forget here and there. Sometimes we forget our phones at home, sometimes at office, car, and also in some places we cannot remember even. It may be theft also.

If the phone is too much expensive like iPhone, and we lose it, things to be worry a lot.

But, overcoming the tension, Google has made a solution. Now you can get your iPhone back by simple Google search. Google, the giant search engine is now taking the responsibility to find out your iPhone. Now, no need to search here and there. Just make a simple search on Google, it will track the place, where you left it.


Sounds So Interesting Right?

Last Wednesday, Google has unveiled an interesting new feature, which make a search on your lost Android smartphones, tablets, or iPhones from your own computer.


How it Works?

The working steps are so simple and interesting. You will have to make sure that, you are using the latest version of google app in your smartphone.

Just log-in on the same Google account from your desktop or laptop browser to get your phone location. Then type “Find my phone” on Google. That’s all. Just after pressing the Enter button, Google will show you a map on your PC and will display a certain distance of your phone. For example, the map may display that, your phone is accurate to 30 feet away.

What to do if your Phone is not located to you?

Google provide a Ring button to make point to your phone. You will have to just click on the ring, and the search giant will ring your phone in a full volume just within five minutes. However, if you found it, turn on the power button to turn off the ring.


Google is not alone here doing the task

The similar feature, Android Device Manager can also be a helping hand to yours for searching your smartphone. It can also locate your smartphone by ringing. Even, if your phone is stolen, the feature helps to factory reset the device by remote access and can reset the password and recover the data.

Apple is also offering the tracking offer, Find My iPhone. It helps the users to track the lost iPhones or iPad. It also locate the position and ring the phone position. It can lock it and can erase the confidential data to make restriction to access by others.


These simple steps can help to get back your favorite smartphone.

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