Montreal website was attacked on Friday around 10 PM, The website went offline and after few minutes later the other Montreal Brotherhood was attacked. The websites are still not working.

Anonymous declared himself after the attacks via a twitter account and stated reasons which are as follows

Quebec police is abusing and behaving in a harsh manner with citizens.

With the message a picture of police office spraying pepper spray on people has gone viral to proof it as evidence. Anonymous declared it will remain as a threat to Montreal police, even after the website is back online. Quebec government has put a cut to social services which is another reason for protest in Quebec. Police has fined protestors to stop them doing so.


Montreal Police has told to leading news channel they will be back soon and the whole website will run smoothly.


The information which is there on Montreal website about missing people, contacts numbers of police and other news are not available to public because of this cyber-attack.


With the attack on Montreal Police websites, Anonymous is getting stronger and widespread. They have shown their disagreement towards Montreal police’s behavior towards protestors and citizen. They had tweeted as Montreal police is a bunch of psychopaths who have guns and poison cans in their hands to terrorize protestors and public.


Montreal Police is admitting the risk on their confidentiality and security of information as promised people to get a better way to deal with such cyber-attacks said a source.




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