BitTorrent has developed a next generation browser, named Maelstrom. It uses the P2P technology of BitTorrent, for placing some maintenance on Web back in user hand. The need of central servers has eliminated by it.

Eric Klinker first published the details of Maelstrom project on the official blog of BitTorrent in Decenber, 2014. The project was aimed to make a people, powered Internet. All know about the difficulties of fighting for the net neutrality.

Lastly, the project on Maelstrom bought good news for us.

There are so many questions about the use of internet. Like, how to keep internet open? How to keep the access on Internet neutral? How to protect data from being misused by any other company? How to make efficient use of Internet scale?

In the answer of all of the question, BitTorrent said,

If we are successful, we believe this project has the potential to help address some of the most vexing problems facing the Internet today.”

The statistics about the signup on alpha version shows, about 10,000 developers, and more than 35,000 publishers have signed up and it is a stable position to launch the beta version. Rob Velasquez has already announced that, the beta version of Maelstrom is ready for download and use. It is also announced on the official blog of BitTorrent.


A set of the developer-tools has come along with the beta version. It is very helpful to the programmers and the publishers for building the websites in P2P technology of Maelstrom. The new on beta version are,

  • Auto update support
  • Stability improvement
  • Developer-tools
  • Users DHT visualization at the time of torrents loading


The developer-tools will make it easy for building the Maelstrom project very easily. This will make the process streamline to create and publish content of others for accessing the time of project Maelstrom using.

The download link of developer tools is:                     bittorrent/torrent-web-tools

With the project, when you enter in a website, your browser get connected to “swarm” of the users, who are already accessed in the website. Those bits are get assembled to final product and also displayed very normally. If finally it works in intended, no one would able to notice the functionality difference of the sites.

Torrent browser will able for accessing the web pages using Internet, but mainly it is for the so-called web pages of torrent. Here, the advantage will be, the scalability. When the site get hit by so many traffic, the server needs to devote more bandwidth for serving the contents. In the case of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, any website can be offline for days or hours. The web page of torrent has become reliable, because it is more accessed. The seeds more means more accessibility and speed.

At present, it is launched fully and available to download. But is is only for the windows users. It anyone want it for the Microsoft OS, download  Project Maelstrom (beta)

On BitTorrent

If you think that, the Project Maelstrom will make a revolution on the Internet world, just make a comment and let the people know about your opinion.



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